Why Aikhyatha?


Aikhyatha Public School believes that learning should be enthralling and practical. We aspire to spotlight and nurture their abilities. We emphasize on the holistic growth with subjects like Performing Arts and Public Speaking and other various internal activities. We take care of the appropriate Student -Teacher ratio and also constantly track every child’s progress and implant in the students, the core values. We also emphasize a lot on safety and security of our children.


Beyond ClassroomTeaching and learning can become inherently impulsive and student – centered when moved from the confines of the classroom into the world at large. Outdoor activities and experiences help the children to stay more focused in the classrooms. It also enhances their other skills like critical thinking, leadership and reasoning. A number of Beyond the classroom activities are planned to make each and every activity a meaningful learning for our students.

SportsSports and Yoga play a vital role in students’ life. It influences one’s emotional quotient, strikes a perfect balance between MIND and BODY. Combining sports in education help students to develop gross motor skills. It also helps children to foster Team Spirit, Self-Discipline and Problem-solving skills and enhances determination and confidence to attain the pinnacle in any field. In Preschool and Primary a number of games are introduced along with yoga and Self Defence techniques.

Community Connect – Engaging the students in community service provides them an opportunity to become purposive members of our society. It enables the students to acquire life skills and learn the importance of giving back to the community.

We look for opportunities for children to engage in community service. Our program includes

  • Creating awareness about our environment,
  • Talking to people in the community (Petrol Pump) about the importance of fuel conservation.
  • Spending a day with the underprivileged and gifted children in the community.
  • Interacting with farmers and understanding their hardship and effort behind every meal.