Aikhyatha Public School

Located in Sarjapur, Bengaluru (U), Aikyatha Public School is the meeting ground for the overarching development of the students. Founded in 2019, the school adopts innovative and novel methods for carving out a student’s schooling career. Besides our emphasis on academics, we also approach outdoor activities with equal seriousness for the social development of our students. At Aikyatha Public School, we stress on ethics and strive to eliminate the toxic competitive nature of learning. Instead, there is an effort to replace it with a more individual-centric yet community-driven form of learning. We are on a mission to create leaders for tomorrow, to do so we try to induce the required values which will assist them in their intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth.


  • Mr. Ananth Kumar
  • Chairman
  • Aikhyatha Public School

Scholastic education is the foundation stone of an individual’s journey to become an able citizen and a professional. It is the early, formative years that train and mould young minds into developing a persevering nature to achieve the highest level of success and also learn to deal with some inevitable failures. Aikyatha Public School, founded in 2019, is based on the same principle. In this space, we strive hard to provide just the right environment to help students develop their strengths and ethics, while also helping them to accept and work on their shortcomings. The school aims to provide a holistic educational experience by balancing the academic achievement, social development, and individual performance. Your involvement is invaluable. Join us in this change.


Programs of school

With a student-centered ideology, we curate multiple programs to assist their socio-academic development. We train them to break confining walls and to view the world at large. We focus on new age skills such as Robotics, besides dancing and singing.


Sport is an important part of our culture. We believe that with active involvement in sports, we aid the students to perform better in different aspects of their life.


With our special Yoga programs, we aim to help the student connect their bodies with their mind. It also plays a crucial role in enhancing their emotional quotient.

Stem Program

Our curriculum is always designed to trigger curiosity through application-based learning. The drive for discovery and exploration that early STEM education develops will serve a child throughout the life and help to adapt to a changing, tech-driven world. Our STEM lab gives our students this opportunity to be good at solving complex problems with applied knowledge of Science, Math and Technology. By encouraging a child's interests and passions, adults help develop their abilities to be resilient to challenges, inquire about the world around them and creatively solve problems.


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